Short Film, Fantasy/Horror/Thriller, 12 mins.

Written, Directed & Produced by: Sasha Sibley

In the 1960s, Clive Peterson, a wealthy spiritualist, contends with a dark force plaguing his family, when his wife suddenly and inexplicably falls into a coma. He searches for answers in an ancient book that details a long-forgotten ritual that purportedly summons portraits of the dead. Using the book as his guide, Clive attempts to invoke the entity that is oppressing his wife, with disastrous consequences.

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"The Painted is a short film that packs a big punch...This film is one big breath-hold, and there are enough elements worth exploring that give The Painted feature film potential."

- Lindsey Ungerman, HorrorBuzz

"The details and closeups in the painting itself are Hollywood level good and are honestly pretty mind-blowing. I devoured every second of this maniacal offering and was not nearly sated. I could not look away."

- Wormwood,

"...the special effects when the demon becomes material on the canvas are mesmerizing...Sibley wisely spends most of the film’s brief runtime on this summoning ritual, because it is a tense, eerie scene that leaves the viewer breathless."

- Jessica Scott, Nightmarish Conjurings



In centuries past, aristocrats practiced an ancient ritual known as spirit painting; summoning the dead through art.

These hallowed portraits and the spirits within them became known as...


Sasha Sibley


Sasha Sibley is a 22 year-old filmmaker in Los Angeles who has directed numerous short films and has recently secured distribution for his first feature, The Box in 2021, through Midnight Releasing. His achievements have been recognized at various film festivals, including SITGESHard:LineDances With Films and NFFTY. Sibley graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2020 with a BFA in Production & Screenwriting, and was distinguished with a Gold Lion Award for Best Undergraduate Thesis Film.

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